Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grandma’s Chalupas with Bacon

This week I decided to make a family classic, but with a twist! My Grandma has been making Chalupas ever since my Mom was a kid, so I was totally psyched to make these. Chalupas are usually served with beans, cheese, and the optional lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and avocado. I chose to add one of the best things in the whole world… bacon!


I made five chalupas, a good number for a hungry Dad, a starving son, and a Mom on a diet.

Chalupas prep1

In order to have crispy tortillas, you need to fry them before you broil them. Crispy tortillas really add to the enjoyment of the recipe. You can actually pick the chalupas up when you eat them, like I do, if you fry the tortillas. Just make sure not to get any burning oil on yourself, that stuff hurts!

Chalupas prep2

The beans have to be spread evenly over the tortilla. It is just chalupa law. Spreading things evenly is really hard for me because my perfectionism kicks in, and then I simply can’t stop correcting minor mistakes. Finally, I had to stop perfecting the chalupas… because I ran out of beans. :)

Chalupas Serving

I’m still working on my GQ pose, but I hope to perfect it soon. Don’t forget to visit me at the Barnes & Noble in Reno on November 16th for my book signing! I will be signing books from 1 to 3 PM. Come visit and get a signed FutureChefs book (the one I have a recipe featured in)! Read more…

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Twix Bar Chocolate Pudding Cookies

Everyone has experienced leftover Halloween candy at some point in their life. This week I came up with a solution to leftover candy bars from Halloween! Usually after Trick or Treating, candy stays in a tub in the pantry and gets older, and older, and older. Eventually it gets so stale that it would break your teeth if you tried to bite into it! Before your candy bars reach the point of no return, you can make cookies with them! Candy bar cookies aren’t very interesting by themselves, but I added pudding! I have never made pudding cookies before, so I was intrigued the moment I heard about them. The other cool part about these cookies is that you can use almost any “fun-sized” candy bar! I decided to use Twix, but you could also probably use Snickers, Baby Ruth, or even Milky Way.  These are Twix Bar Chocolate Pudding Cookies!

Twix Bar Chocolate Pudding Cookies

The caramel in the Twix bars spread out all over the cookies to form layers of gooey caramel on the edges and in the middle. All I can say is that these cookies are like a Twix bar, but in the shape of a circle and soft (the cookie version of a Twix bar).

Twix Bar Chocolate Pudding Cookies #recipe

The pudding really affected the consistency of the cookies. They were soft and delicious, but with that crunch of the Twix bars here and there. Twix is one of my favorite candies. I also LOVE Milky Way candy bars. They are the bomb! Read more…

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gluten- Free Banana Bread

This past weekend my parents went on a wine trip to Sonoma, while I got to stay home with my gluten-free Grandma. I decided to try making my family’s classic banana bread into a gluten-free banana bread treat. Instead of normal all-purpose flour, I used a special gluten-free flour called Cup4Cup. It tasted EXACTLY like regular banana bread!

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Since my mom was away, I had to take all of my pictures with my phone and not her fancy schmancy camera. This banana bread had the exact same consistency and taste as normal banana bread, which was very surprising. This new Cup4Cup flour isn’t like other gluten-free flours with the weird taste and stuff.

Gluten Free Banana Bread #recipe

One perk of taking pictures with a phone is that I can add filters instantly. I love picking the right filter for a picture and watching it bring out the details. Read more…