Hot Cheetos and Takis Taste Test Video

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When I got home from school one day, my mom showed me the Hot Cheetos & Takis video. I loved it. My first thought was: Why aren’t these kids on America’s Got Talent? I was amazed by their talent and the choice of words for the song (singing about food is pretty awesome!). I wanted to find out where the kids in the video live and who they were, so I googled it (google can solve any problem that you can think of). I found out that they live in Minneapolis and they are part of an after-school program that helped them make the video. Now that’s a cool after-school program!

The day after I saw the Hot Cheetos & Takis video for the first time, I thought of a great idea! It was: taste-testing Hot Cheetos and Takis. I didn’t know how spicy both were, so I had a BIG reaction. You can see it in my first ever video below!!!

Both snacks were really spicy, but the Takis were a little bit hotter. I ate the Salsa Verde Takis, but I was informed later that they are not the spiciest Takis. I was told that I needed to try Fuego Takis, so I did. Since I was expecting the heat, they didn’t seem as spicy as the first Takis (but they were still HOT). Please remind me never to eat Takis again.

And even a kid can burn his tastebuds on spicy snacks… Like Me!